Voodoo Molly Vintage Paint


“Voodoo Molly VintageTM are a creative family owned business specialising in vintage inspirations. We provide furniture up-styling such as custom painting and reupholstery,  and also provide vintage graphic design services.”

White drawers with mannequinBring us your old, unloved or handed-down furniture and within a week or two we’ll  transform them with a custom paint job or new upholstery.

The team at Voodoo Molly Vintage get excited over furniture with character, interest, quirk or history. We love reviving pieces of vintage furniture and seeing them off to their homes where they can be appreciated for another lifetime.

Voodoo Molly Vintage can’t wait to transform your tired furniture with our Voodoo Magic! 

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Voodoo Molly Vintage start beginners upholstery classes in 2014 for all you budding crafters out there. We teach skill-based workshops where you will work hands-on upholstering your own piece of furniture from start to finish.

Voodoo Molly Vintage has a great Graphic Designer on the team to who can provide our customers with both vintage inspired and modern digital design.

Whether you need design files for marketing, promotion, business stationery, online banners, or invitations etc Voodoo Molly Vintage can provide you with print-ready artwork in a jiffy.

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Beginners Upholstery Classes